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Matching a Receipt to a Credit Card Transaction
Matching a Receipt to a Credit Card Transaction

A breakdown of matching submitted Receipts to their corresponding Credit Card transactions!

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  • Your Linked Credit Cards are all connected to Adaptive.

  • Your Receipt Inbox is a list of all transactions from your linked credit cards.

  • As transactions from your credit card feed are continuously added to this list, certain info will be filled-in for you, automatically:

    • Vendor Name

    • Amount

    • Transaction Date

    • Linked card

    • Paid with:

    • User

  • Other info, will need to be added manually:

    • Receipt Image

    • Cost Codes

    • Job

The Process:

Here's a breakdown of the typical process of submitting & matching receipts with their transactions:

  • Team members will make purchases on their linked credit cards.

  • At time of purchase, they'll then take a picture of the Receipt.

  • Then they can code and submit the receipt to Adaptive.

  • Adaptive will then automatically match the submitted Receipt to its corresponding credit card Transaction using 2 primary factors:

    1. Amount (must be the same)

    2. Date (must be within 2 days of each other)

  • If both Date & Amount are matched between your receipt & credit card transaction, Adaptive will automatically clear that receipt from your Inbox and move it into Waiting for Review.

  • From the Waiting for Review tab, you can then sync the receipt to QuickBooks.

Manually matching Receipts to their Credit Card Transactions:

Sometimes receipts may not be automatically matched to their corresponding Transaction.

You'll know when Receipts are not auto-matched in Waiting for Review because they won't have a Linked Card listed.

  • Some possible reasons for this:

    • You may not have that card linked to your Adaptive account.

    • Multiple receipts for the same amount on the same date could confuse the system.

Solution: Manually match Receipts & Transactions.

  1. Click into the receipt.

  2. Under Payment Details, select the Payment Account that was used for payment.

  3. Then click Select a Transaction to directly search for the correct transaction.

  4. Click Save

Once you've either manually or automatically matched the receipt & credit card transaction, that receipt will clear the Inbox.


  • Credit Card transactions typically take 3 days to populate Adaptive.

  • So if your team is uploading Receipts at the time of purchase (as is best practice), then when the transaction comes through over the next couple of days, it should automatically find its associated receipt.

  • This process should help keep your Inbox clean.

If you have any questions or want to share feedback, feel free to reach out at [email protected].

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