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Uploading & Creating Receipts
Uploading & Creating Receipts

Quickly add past receipts or create new receipts from scratch.

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4 ways to Add Receipts to Adaptive:

  1. Use the Mobile App to Scan Receipts into Adaptive:

    • Open the Adaptive app on your mobile phone.

    • Click Scan Receipt button.

    • Take a picture of the receipt with your phone.

    • Then choose Continue

      • Or, Retake

    • Then, add a Job

      • Or, click This is not for a job

    • Select a Cost Code

      • Or, click I don't know this info

    • Finally, click Submit for Review

  2. Email Receipts to Adaptive:

    • Forward Vendor's Email Receipts to Adaptive

    • Emailed Receipts will default to the Bills section

      • But you can simply Re-categorize Bills as Receipts

      • Or, find the Vendor's info page (e.g., Home Depot), select the Receipts Only toggle and Save. This will make sure all future emails forwarded from that vendor go straight to Receipts (instead of Bills)

  3. Drag & Drop Receipts into Adaptive:

    • Select receipts in a folder

    • Then drag and drop them directly onto the Adaptive screen

    • Receipts will immediately upload.

  4. Manually Create New Receipts:

    • Click New Receipt button.

    • Enter all necessary info

    • Click Save

If you have any questions or want to share feedback, feel free to reach out at [email protected].

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