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Reviewing & Syncing Receipts to QuickBooks
Reviewing & Syncing Receipts to QuickBooks

Easily review & edit your receipts before syncing them to QuickBooks.

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Once your team has uploaded some receipts into your Adaptive Inbox, it's now time to Review & Sync them:

  1. Send for Review:

    • While receipts are in the Inbox, click Send for Review to advance them to the Waiting for Review stage.

    • In this stage, your receipts will wait until reviewed by an authorized team member.

  2. Sync to QuickBooks:

    • Once you've finished reviewing your receipts in the Waiting for Review stage, you're then ready to click Sync to QuickBooks.

    • After receipts have been synced to QuickBooks, they can then be found in the All tab.

How to Send Receipts for Review & Sync to QuickBooks? (2 Options)

  • One-at-a-time:

    1. Click into the receipt.

    2. Click either Send for Review or Sync (depending on the stage)

  • Batch-Select / Multi-Select:

    1. Go to Receipts

    2. ( Optional ) Use Filters to find specific groups of transactions

    3. Place checkmarks next to multiple receipts.

    4. Then (depending on the stage) click either:

      1. Actions > Submit

      2. Or, Actions > Sync to QuickBooks

If you have any questions or want to share feedback, feel free to reach out at [email protected].

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