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Delete, Deactivate or Merge Duplicate Jobs
Delete, Deactivate or Merge Duplicate Jobs

Duplicate Jobs can cause sync issues.

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If duplicate jobs are found:

  1. First, you'll need to Merge the jobs' cost codes.

  2. Then, you can either Delete or Deactivate the duplicate jobs.

1) Merging Jobs:

  • Before Deleting or Deactivating either Job, you may first need to move over Cost Codes from one job to the other.

  • To do this, you can Bulk Select the codes, then click the Actions button to change the Job for all codes at once.

  • The only exception for this is if you've already Closed your Books for that job in QB, then those cost codes cannot be moved over.

2) Deleting or Deactivating Jobs:

  • A) Delete one of the duplicate Jobs in QuickBooks, then run a sync.

  • B) Or, Deactivate one of these duplicate Jobs in Adaptive:​

    • Select Job w/ Checkmark > Click Deactivate button

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