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Requesting & Storing Vendor Payment Info & Compliance Docs
Requesting & Storing Vendor Payment Info & Compliance Docs

Now its easy to stay on top of your Vendor's Compliance Docs & ACH Payment Info.

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Vendor Payment Info: (i.e., Payment Details tab)

On the Vendors page, you'll see your full list of Vendors on display.

To determine if you've received/collected the vendor's ACH payment info yet, simply check if there's any info listed for that vendor in the ACH Enabled column. If that column is still blank, then you have not received their ACH info yet.

Add or Request ACH Payment Info from Vendor:

  1. Click on any vendor record that is shown missing ACH info in the ACH Enabled column

  2. In the Vendor Details window, click the Payment Details tab above.

  3. You have 2 Options for updating missing ACH Info:

    1. Manually enter the Vendor ACH Info yourself.

    2. Or, click Request Missing Details button:

      • After clicking Send, an Adaptive email will be sent to your vendor requesting their ACH info.

      • This email contains a special link that your vendor can click on to enter their ACH payment info themselves.

  • Note:

    • Vendor ACH Info can also be requested (and paid) from within any Bill (instead of the Vendors page).

    • For more info on this, check out Paying Bills From Adaptive

Vendor Compliance Docs: (i.e., Documents tab)

  1. Click on any vendor record to bring up the Vendor Details window.

  2. Click on the Documents tab.

  3. Here, you have 2 options for uploading Vendor Compliance Documents:

    1. Upload your Vendor's Compliance Docs yourself (if you have them)

      1. Click the Upload File button to upload the docs yourself

      2. Select a Document Type in the dropdown menu

      3. Set an Expiration Date

      4. Click the Add button to add each doc type, one at a time.

      5. Once all docs are uploaded, click Save.

    2. Or, click Request Documents from Vendor button:

      • After clicking Send Request, an Adaptive email will be sent to your vendor requesting their Compliance Documents.

      • This email contains a special link that your vendor can click on to upload their Compliance Docs themselves.

Request Compliance Docs in Bulk:

On the Vendors page:

  1. Select multiple vendors at once by placing checkmarks next to all that apply.

  2. Click Actions button.

  3. Choose Request Documents.

  4. In the Documents window, select which docs you'd like to request:

    • Combined COI

    • General Liability COI

    • Workers Compensation COI

    • W-9

    • Contract

    • Other

  5. Click Confirm

  6. In Send Document Request window, you have several options:

    • ( Optional ) Select the Include a Custom Message checkbox above to add a custom message to any Vendor Doc Request.

  7. Click Send Request button

Updating Expired Docs:

If you ever attempt to approve a Bill whose Vendor has expired docs, a warning will immediately appear at the top of the bill with a list of all expired docs:

  • "This Vendors' Compliance Documents are Expired

    • Doc Name | Expiration Date"

When this happens, simply click the Update Documents Button beneath the above warning to either A) Request docs from the vendor or B) Upload the docs yourself.

If you have any questions or want to share feedback, feel free to reach out at [email protected].

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