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Vendors Overview & Settings
Vendors Overview & Settings
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Vendors | Overview

On the Vendors page, you can see your full list of Vendors on display.

  • Upon first syncing, Adaptive will pull in all of your vendor records from QuickBooks.

  • After this initial sync, you can either create new Vendors directly within Adaptive or from QuickBooks.

New Vendors:

  • Add new vendors by clicking on the New Vendors button on the Vendors page.

  • You can also add new vendors from the Receipts and Bills workflows.

Vendors | Basic Settings:

Click on any Vendor in this list to view the Vendor Settings window.

There are 3 separate info tabs at the top:

  • Basic Information

  • Payment Details

  • Documents

For this Help Article, we'll only be looking at the first tab:

  • Basic Information:

    • Besides being able to enter & edit basic vendor info such as:

      • Vendor Name

      • Email

      • Address

    • You can also set Default Vendor Settings for all future Vendor Payments such as:

      • Default Cost Code / Account

      • Default Payment Terms (Days)

      • Receipts Only: Use this setting for vendors that only support payments-up-front and don't issue bills (e.g., Home Depot).

    • When finished setting the default vendor info, click Save.


  • To quickly see which vendors have default cost codes assigned to them (and which do not) order your list of vendors by Default Cost Code.

  • Then just go down the list and set default cost codes as needed.

  • Be sure to select the maximum number of rows per page (100 Rows) at the bottom of the page to make this process even faster.

If you have any questions or want to share feedback, feel free to reach out at [email protected].

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