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Sending Messages to Vendors
Sending Messages to Vendors

Stay up-to-date with Vendors by sending & receiving Comments from them.

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Adaptive allows you to both Send & Receive messages from your Vendors.

Message your Vendor within the Activity Logs of:

  1. Bills

  2. Receipts

  3. Purchase Orders

Sending Messages to the Vendor:

  • To message a vendor in the Activity Log, simply tag the vendor's name with @vendor_name (the same as you would any other team member)

  • Vendors will view these comments in the form of Emails.

  • If a vendor's email is not yet on file, attempting to @ message them will produce a message that will allow you to update that vendor's email.

  • Vendors do not need to create an Adaptive account to reply. They can simply respond to comments by email.

Within the same Comment, you can @mention both:

  1. Fellow Teammates

    • Names of Internal Parties (teammates) will appear in Green font.

  2. Vendors

    • Names of External Parties (vendors) will appear in Blue font.

      • Notes:

        • Comments directed at Vendors will receive a quick warning about "sending messages to sources outside your company."

        • As soon as a Vendor is mentioned in a comment thread, that thread will be re-classified as an External thread.

        • External threads are comment threads that can be viewed by Vendors, and display a blue External thread label.

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