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Downloading Budgets, Draws & Transaction Backups
Downloading Budgets, Draws & Transaction Backups

Quickly get access to all of your Budget info with multiple ways to Filter & Download.

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Downloading the Budget: (from Jobs page)

Adaptive allows you to download all of your budget's details, including:

  • Actual Costs to Date: Your own Internal Costs.

  • Drawn to Date: Funds received from the bank loan.

Start from your job's Budget tab:

  1. Click the Download button

  2. Of the 3 options in the Download window, choose:

    • Draw Schedule + Transactions (XLSX) which includes the following categories in a spreadsheet format:

      • Budget

      • Costs to Date

      • Change Log (changes tracked)

Download the Client-facing Budget:

  • First, make sure to turn on client-facing, budget tracking (i.e., External Budget):

    • To enable External Budget, go to:

      • Jobs > Choose Job > Edit button > Enable External Budget toggle

  • This is useful if you'd like your client to only see their budget (External Budget) + bank reimbursements on the job (Drawn-to-Date).

  • The Clients-side, External Budget can be downloaded on the Draws tab:

    1. Jobs > Choose Job > Click Draws tab > Choose Draw > Click Export Draw button

    2. In the Download window, choose Budget.

      • Optional: You can also select the Changes & Transaction Backup options as well).

    3. Click Download button.

    4. Open the downloaded file.

  • This Client-facing Budget only shows their Budget and their Costs (i.e., your Draws).

    • If you also chose to download Changes & Transaction Backups, then this Draw Package will also include a Changes summary; as well as images of all Bills & Receipts.

Alternate Method of Downloading Transaction Backups: (from Bills page)

We can go to Jobs to filter & download all the bills that are Drawable & Billable to your client.

  1. Go to Jobs

  2. Filter By Job

    1. Click in Filter dropdown and begin typing in the Job's Name.

    2. Select Job

  3. Filter by Billable Status: Billable

    a. Click Filter
    b. Choose Billable Status
    c. Select Billable

  4. Filter by Billable Status: Has Been Billed

    1. Click Filter

    2. Choose Billable Status

    3. Select Has Been Billed

  5. Now that we have a full list of all Bills that are Drawable & Billable for this job, it's now time to Download them:

    1. Select all bills in this list using checkmarks

    2. Click Download button.

    3. Choose Download Selection

    4. In the Download window, select Backup (PDF)

    5. Click Download button.

    6. Open the downloaded file

Once opened, you'll find:

  • A text list of all Billable bills

  • And photo copies of each transaction.

Downloading Specific Bills for a Specific Cost Code:

  1. On the job's Budget tab, click on the Actual Costs to Date amount for any Cost Code / Line Item in this list.

  2. Next, a popup window will display all Bills assigned to that Cost Code

  3. Click Download button

  4. Choose Backup (PDF)

  5. Open downloaded file.

  6. You're now viewing a list of all bills assigned to this Cost Code; as well as image backups for each of these bills.

If you have any questions or want to share feedback, feel free to reach out at [email protected].

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