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Building a Draw - Percent (%) Complete
Building a Draw - Percent (%) Complete

Create, Edit & Export a Percent-Based Draw

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Draws | Overview

Find Draws:

  • Jobs > Choose Job > Click Draws tab > Choose Draw

    • This list shows all of a job's historical draws & invoices (including those pulled in from QuickBooks).

    • The list also displays any new draws created in Adaptive (which is then synced back to QuickBooks).

    • This syncing of new & old records w/ QuickBooks keeps your Drawn-to-Date amount (income from the bank loan) accurate & up-to-date.

Create New Draw:

  • Click the New Draw button on any job's page.

Draw Details:

At the top of a draw, you can expand the Export Details section to add & edit the Invoice details:

  • Job

  • Project Name

  • Export Title

  • Draw #

  • Draw Date

  • Due Date

  • Description

Beneath Export Details, the draw details are separated into 2 different tabs:

  • The Draw Schedule tab contains the following columns:

    • Line Item

    • Changes

    • Revised Budget

    • Previous Draws

    • This Draw $

    • Total Drawn ($)

    • Total Drawn (%)

    • Balance to Finish

  • The Line Items tab contains more traditional, line item-based columns:

    • Ref #

    • Vendor

    • Item

    • Description

    • Cost

    • Price

Creating a Percent-Based Draw:

Creating a Percent-Base Draw is done on a line-by-line basis:

  • Option 1: Enter the percent (%) to draw directly into the Total Drawn (%) column for any Line Item.

    • Adjusting the percent (%) will automatically adjust the columns for the This Draw $ and Balance to Finish accordingly.

  • Option 2: Enter the specific draw amount in the This Draw $ column.

    • Entering a specific $$$ amount will automatically adjust the totals for the This Draw (%) and Balance to Finish columns accordingly.

So adjusting the percent (%) automatically adjusts the dollar ($) amounts. And vice versa.

And for each Draw Schedule line item that you adjust the Percent (%) or Amount ($) for, a new line will be automatically created on the Line Items tab to account for that change.

Exporting Draws:

Click the Export Draws button to download the draw.

  1. In the Download window, you can customize your Draw Package with the following download options:

    • Draw Package (PDF): Not editable, but has transaction pictures. Also shows a summarized Previous Draws amount, but no amount for each individual draw.

      • Cover Page

      • Invoice (No Subtotals)

      • Invoice (Subtotals by Vendor)

      • Invoice (by Category)

      • Budget

      • Changes

      • Transaction Backups (Pictures of Bills & Receipts)

    • Draw Package (XLSX): Editable, but No pictures. Shows Previous Draws amount + The individual draws that make up the Previous Draws amount.

    • Transaction Backup Images (ZIP)

      • Note: Both the Invoice & Transaction Backups options contain links to PDF pictures of each transaction.

  2. Click the Download button to begin downloading.

    • Notes:

      • While waiting for your download to finish, the draw package will also be Emailed to you!

      • Larger packages can take longer to download.

      • By request, your Company Logo can be added by default to the Cover Page of your Draw Packages.

Syncing Draws to QuickBooks:

  • Sync your draw to QuickBooks anytime by clicking on the Sync to QuickBooks button.

If you have any questions or want to share feedback, feel free to reach out at [email protected].

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