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Internal Budget vs. External Budget
Internal Budget vs. External Budget
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Tracking Separate Budgets:

Now that you've imported a budget, you'll notice that we only show a single budget by default.

But what if you'd like to track 2 separate budgets within the same job?

  • Here's how:

    1. At the top of your selected job's page, click the Edit button.

    2. In the Edit Job window, find the Multiple Budgets section at the bottom.

    3. Toggle On the External Budget.

    4. Click Save

You'll now see columns for 2 different budgets on your job's Budget tab:

  • Cost Budget: This is typically used to track your job's internal budget.

  • External Budget: This can be used to track various secondary budgets, such as:

    • Client-side Budget

    • Bank Budget

  • Other Budget columns:

    • Budget Remaining: The amount you expect to spend on the cost side.

    • Draw Remaining: The amount you expect to collect against the client budget.

Adding an across-the-board Markup to an External Budget:

  1. Select all line items by placing a checkmark in the top-most Line Items checkbox in the column heading.

  2. Click Actions > Calculate External Budget

  3. In the Calculate External Budget window, enter the markup percentage (%).

  4. Click Save

    • Note: This new markup will take a few seconds to finish calculating.

    • Look for "External Budget Updated" message in the upper right corner when completed.

Note: Once added, the External Budget will become the budget that you invoice against.

If you have any questions or want to share feedback, feel free to reach out at [email protected].

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