Importing Budgets
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Locating Jobs that need a Budget:

  • For every job listed in Jobs, you'll notice an amount in the Budget column.

  • Jobs without a budget will show a budget of $0. (i.e., No budget imported, yet.)

Choose Job & corresponding Budget:

  1. Start by simply clicking on a job that's missing a budget. (i.e., Budget = $0)

  2. Then, on that job's Budget page, click the Upload symbol next to the Budget column heading to begin uploading the budget.

    • Here, you'll have 2 upload options:

      1. Click anywhere on the page to open a new window that lets you choose your the budget file.

      2. Or, drag & drop the budget file directly onto the screen.

Budget Import Process:

  1. Select the tab on the budget spreadsheet that the budget is located in.

    • Then click Confirm

  2. Select which row contains the column headers (usually it's the first row).

    • Then click Next

  3. Map columns from your spreadsheet and into Adaptive.

    • Mapping of columns is done automatically by Adaptive.

    • But you can also manually select Template Columns dropdown for:

      • Spreadsheet Cost Code

      • Budget

        • Note: You can ignore "Adaptive Cost Code" from the dropdown. You'll never need to use it.

    • Then click Next

  4. Review & Finalize:

    • Here you can preview all the cost codes that have been imported and make sure the Adaptive codes match your original spreadsheet codes.

    • Filter down any cost codes with errors/issues by clicking the red down-arrow next to either the Budget or Adaptive Cost Code column headings.

      • Clear out these errors by Deleting them:

        1. Place checkmarks next to each of them

        2. Then click Delete in the bottom left corner

        3. And click OK

      • Or, Edit the codes with errors to correct them and clear them out:

        1. Click the cost code in the Adaptive Cost Code column to begin editing.

          1. Note: Cost Codes require a minimum of 3 numbers for the match to work.

        2. When finished editing, click Import in the bottom right corner.

    • You'll then be returned to your job's Budget page while all the budget data is being pulled into Adaptive in the background.

      • Note: This background import will take less than a minute. And when finished, a message of "Budget Imported" will be displayed in the upper right corner.

Percentage Based Markups:

We do not recommend importing Percentage Based Fees (such as a Builders Fee) from your spreadsheet.

  • Instead, click the Add Markup button in the lower left corner:

    1. Under Item Name, choose Builders Fee

    2. Under Percent, enter the percent (%)

    3. Place checkmarks next to all the costs that it applies to.

    4. Click Save

  • Then, if you add any more budget line items in the future, they'll automatically increase according to the Markup you just specified.

If you have any questions or want to share feedback, feel free to reach out at [email protected].

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