Paying Bills From Adaptive

Send Payments to your Vendors using Adaptive:

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General Info:

  • Bills that are ready for payment are located in the Waiting for Payment tab.

  • Once paid, the Bill will clear out of Adaptive's Waiting for Payment tab and move to the All tab

Payment Options:

There are 2 options for paying bills with Adaptive:

1. ACH payments:

  • Adaptive offers Free ACH electronic payments.

    • Go to Settings > Bank Accounts

    • Click Connect Bank to start connecting your bank accounts.

      • Adaptive does not store your banking information.

      • You're simply connecting through our payment processor, Plaid.

2. Continue using QuickBooks to pay with Checks:

  • Make a check payment in QuickBooks as usual.

    • Adaptive will then sync with QuickBooks to retrieve the check payment info.

Paying Vendors:

Now that you've connected your bank accounts, it's finally time to request your vendor's ACH payment information.

There are 2 Options for requesting Vendor ACH payment info:

1. Request vendor ACH information up front:

  • Go to the Vendors tab and click into a given Vendor record

  • You can also do this from within the bill, under Payment Details section, click either Edit it here

  • Click the Vendor's Payment Details tab (2 Options).

    • Option 1: Click Request missing details button to email your vendor a request for their ACH payment info.

    • Option 2: Get the ACH payment info from your Vendor and fill in the details yourself.

2. Request ACH information as you go:

  • Inside the bill, at the bottom of the page, there is a Request ACH & Pay button

    • Clicking this button will send an email to your Vendor asking them to enter information. Once this is done, the payment will be sent through.

If you have any questions or want to share feedback, feel free to reach out at [email protected].

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