Activating Jobs in Adaptive
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Job Status:

  • There are 2 statuses for Jobs:

    • Active

    • Inactive

  • When syncing your QuickBooks to Adaptive for the first time, Adaptive will pull in all Jobs as Inactive.

  • This way, you can begin coding jobs with a clean list of current projects.

Adding New Jobs: (2 methods)

  1. Adaptive can pull jobs in from QuickBooks. From QuickBooks, we will pull in the following records as Jobs:

    1. Customers

    2. Sub-Customers

    3. Projects

  2. Or, jobs can be manually created via the New Job button in the top right corner.

    • Note: Manually adding a new job in Adaptive, will push the job to QuickBooks as a Customer Record.

Activating Jobs: (2 methods)

From the Jobs table:

  1. From Jobs, place checkmarks next to all inactive jobs that you'd like to activate.

  2. Press the Activate button.

  3. The selected jobs will instantly move to the Active job tab.

From within a Bill:

  1. Go to Bills.

  2. Click on a specific bill to view the Bill Details.

  3. Scroll down to Line Items.

  4. In the Job dropdown menu, scroll to the bottom of the list to select Missing Job? Click here

  5. After the Inactive Jobs window pops up, you can choose any inactive jobs to active.

  6. Press Activate button.

  7. All jobs activated will now populate the Job dropdown under Line Items

Syncing QuickBooks job records with Adaptive:

  • Adaptive pulls in 3 types of job records from QuickBooks:

    • Customers

    • Sub-Customers

    • Projects

  • All 3 of these QuickBooks record types will be pulled into Adaptive as simply Jobs.

  • After creating a Project in QuickBooks, syncing it with Adaptive will take a few hours.

  • But if you have QuickBooks Online, then you can pull in the Project into Adaptive in just seconds by going to:

    • Settings > General > Integrations > QuickBooks Online > Click 3 vertical dots >Trigger Sync

If you have any questions or want to share feedback, feel free to reach out at [email protected].

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