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Using the Global Search feature
Using the Global Search feature

Access Global Search from any page, to search anything in your account.

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  • Global Search is available on every Adaptive page!

  • In the left-hand menu, click on the magnifying glass icon with the word "Search" next to it.

    • Note: If the left-hand menu is collapsed, then you will only see the magnifying glass icon without any wording next to it (unless you expand the menu).

  • Global Search is also available as a Keyboard Shortcut:

    • CTRL + K


  • Global Search is able to search through all of your Adaptive records simultaneously.

  • Great for quickly finding one specific record / transaction.

  • This is especially useful if you're not exactly sure which section of Adaptive might have info you're looking for.

  • This can also save time over having to navigate to a specific section of Adaptive (e.g., Bills) to search for that specific transaction-type.

Some of the things you can Search For & Search By in Global Search:

  1. Bills

  2. Receipts

  3. Purchase Orders

  4. Jobs

  5. Vendors

  6. Draws

  7. Line Items

  8. Dollar Amounts $

  9. Reference Numbers #

  10. Invoice Numbers #

  11. Comments from your Team Members (@name-of-teammate)

  12. And more!

If you have any questions that our Knowledge Base resources aren't able to help you with, please reach out to us directly at [email protected]!

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