Custom Reporting

Use our built-in reports or create your own custom reports and schedule exports.

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Reports: Intro

In Reports, you'll be able to view your records in a variety of Built-in Reports.

And you can customize these built-in reports to create your own Custom Reports.

The Reports page is divided into 3 different tabs:

  • All Reports

  • Starred (Favorites)

  • Built-in Reports

Built-in Reports:

Adaptive already comes pre-loaded with variety of Built-in Reports:

  • All Transactions: A list of all bills, receipts, purchase orders, and draws.

  • Master Budgets Report: A master report across all of your jobs including fields such as budget, costs to date, drawn to date, undrawn costs, unpaid bills, POs, etc. Show Less

  • Undrawn Costs: A list of all undrawn costs with breakdowns by job, vendor, and cost code.

  • All Draws: View all of your individual draws showing the total draw budget, drawn to date, and amount remaining.

  • Credit Card Cancellation: A list of all your credit card transactions along with whether they have been reconciled (matched) and have a receipt attachment.

  • Unpaid Bills Report: A list of all the unpaid bills. You can sort, filter, and group by job, cost code, vendor, etc.

  • ACH Payments: All electronic payments that you've sent from Adaptive.

  • Purchase Orders (POs): Summary view of all open purchase orders and balances by vendor.

Custom Reports:

You can use any of the built-in reports as a basis to begin creating your own custom reports.

Open any one of the custom reports and your records will instantly populate that report.

On the right side, you'll notice the Table. In this menu, you can customize all of the data found in this report across these categories:

  • Values: Choose columns for the Group view. (e.g., Revised Budget, Actual Costs to Date, Budget Remaining, etc.)

  • Group by: Choose categories to group line items into. (e.g., Job, Cost Code, Vendor, etc.). Then click on each group to expand the full list of associated line items within that group.

  • Breakdown:

  • Columns: Click the Eyeball symbol to Show or Hide columns for the default Line Item view.

    • Note: Click Table to expand the dropdown menu for more visual options:

      • Table

      • Line Graph

      • Bar Graph

      • Pie Chart

      • KPI

Other Features:

Above the column headings, you'll notice options for both:

  • Filter

  • Sort

Save Report:

  1. When finished customizing, click the Save As button above.

  2. In the Save As New Report window, enter a Report Name

  3. Click Save New Report

  4. Click on the Star above to save this report in your Starred Reports tab.

Scheduling Report Exports:

You can schedule any of these reports (Built-in or Custom) to be sent out to your selected team members at your chosen time intervals:

  1. Click the Export button at the top.

  2. Choose Export or Schedule Export

  3. In the Schedule a New Export window, you can set up the following info:

    • Select Recipients

    • Export Type (PDF, CSV, XLXS or PNG)

    • Scheduling:

      • Frequency (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)

      • Day of the Week/Month

      • Time of Day

      • Time Zone

  4. When finished, click Schedule Email button

And this is just a sample of what you can do with Custom Reports. So, feel free to start trying out different options until you get your custom reports just the way you want them!

If you have any questions or want to share feedback, feel free to reach out at [email protected].

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