Approving Bills

Learn about Bill Approvals & Permissions.

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Find Approved Bills:

  • Within the Bills tab, click on the Waiting for Approval tab

    • Here, you'll find bills that are waiting to be approved.

    • You can filter down to only bills that need your approval by clicking the Requires your Approval toggle.​

Approving Bills:

  • Method 1: Single-Bill Approval.

    • Click on a bill to view the Bill Details.

    • Click the Approve button below.

    • You'll then be moved to the next bill in the list.

  • Method 1: Bulk Approval.

    • From the table view, select multiple bills by placing checkmarks next to each of those bills.

    • Click the Actions button and select Approve.

Review & Edit | Bill Details:

  • Clicking into a bill's details allows you to Review & Edit the following billing info before approval:

    • Vendor

    • Job

    • Date

    • Cost Code

    • Transaction Type

    • Amount Due

    • Amount to Pay

    • Add/Subtract Line Items

    • Mark as Billable or Not Billable

    • Description

    • Reference #

  • Bill Details also tracks:

    • Remaining Budget (if the budget is set)

    • To be Approved by - Lists team member authorized to approve bills for this job.

    • Activity Log

      • An Audit Log of all edits to a transaction.

      • Logs Timestamps of each edit.

      • And logs which team member made the edit (and when).

Bypass Approval:

  • Even if you're not listed as a team member that can approve a bill, it's still possible to bypass approvals if you have the permissions to do that.

  • If you have the right permissions (Boss level), the Send for Approval button automatically becomes the Bypass Approval button.

  • Pressing either version of the Approval button (Bypass or Send for) will then take you to the next bill in line to continue your review & approval process.


  • Each team member is assigned a Permission Level/Role.

    • Go to Settings > People to edit permissions.

  • Team members w/ higher permission levels are able to bypass approvals.

  • And those w/ higher permissions levels can also directly edit the Approval Workflow:

    • Click the pencil symbol next to To be approved by.

    • Here you can add, remove & reassign team members for approval.

Splitting the Bill:

  1. First, subtract the amount you'd like to split from the appropriate Line Item.

  2. Then, click the Add Line button to add a new Line Item.

  3. In the new line item, enter the same amount that you subtracted from the prior line item in Step 1. (i.e., the amount you'd like to split by)

  4. Click Save

  5. Click Send for Approval (if it's ready for approval)

Approve from the Mobile App:

  1. Open the To-Do List

    • This shows a list of all the bills that specifically require your approval.

  2. Begin approving from your phone as described above.

If you have any questions or want to share feedback, feel free to reach out at [email protected].

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