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Sending Bills for Approval & Syncing to QuickBooks
Sending Bills for Approval & Syncing to QuickBooks

Set up Approvals & Approval Workflows.

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Approval Basics

After you've uploaded and reviewed a Bill in the inbox, you can then either request approval from a teammate or you can send the bill straight to the waiting for payment stage, which is when it will sync with QuickBooks.

Verify & Set up Bill Approvals:

How to verify a bill is ready for approval?

  1. Click on the bill to open.

  2. Then scroll down the right side until you find the To be approved by section.

  3. If this approval section is blank (i.e., It contains no team member names) then clicking Send for Approval will actually skip the approval stage and go straight to the final Waiting for Payment stage. That's because there are no associated Approval Workflows set up for that bill.

How to set up approvals? (2 Options)

  • One-at-a-time: Directly assign a specific user to approve a specific bill.

    • Click on the To be approved by textbox.

    • Select a user / team member to approve this particular bill only.

  • Use Approval Rules: Create Approval Workflows that can be applied to multiple bills.

    • Go to Settings > Approval Workflow to set approval rules.

    • Once these approval rules are set, all bills that meet these particular criteria will be automatically assigned to the appropriate team member for approval.

    • Click Send for Approval to both send the bill out for approval (assuming it has an associated approval workflow) and to move onto the next bill in the list.

    • You can also Send for Approval from the main Bills page by highlighting bills with a checkmark, then clicking Actions > Ready for Approval.

If you have any questions or want to share feedback, feel free to reach out at [email protected].

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