Reviewing & Editing Bills

Review & Edit Bills before sending them out for Approval or Payment.

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Now that you've uploaded your bills into Adaptive, its time to begin Reviewing & Editing those bills before you send them out for Approval or Payment.

Bills (table view):

  • Here, you'll see all your bills listed in a table view.

  • From this view, you'll be able to see exactly what billing info Adaptive was able to automatically fill in for you. (Typically, all of it!).

  • Our OCR (Optical Character Reader) will attempt to extract all of the billing details from the bill, except for Cost Codes. Cost Codes can be set directly in your Vendor Settings by assigning default Cost Codes per Vendor.

  • From this table view, you can also Edit & Approval multiple bills simultaneously by clicking the checkboxes next to multiple bills, then clicking the Actions button.

Bill Details:

  • Opening any bill from the main page will take you to that bill's details page.

  • From here, you can further review the bill details.

  • If there's no Due Date on the bill, then by default the Due Date will simply match the Upload Date

  • Add Line Items to split the bill across multiple Jobs & Cost Codes

  • You can also Bulk Update multiple Line Items

    Activity Log:

    • At the bottom of a bill's details page, you'll notice an Activity Log.

    • Here you'll be able to view a timeline of every edit; as well as which user made those edits.

  • And finally, at the bottom, you can also click "Send for Approval" to advance this bill to the Review/Approval stage.

If you have any questions or want to share feedback, feel free to reach out at [email protected].

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