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Learn how to Filter and Download your Bills.

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Bill Status:

On the Bills page, you'll notice that bills are separated into 4 different status tabs:

  1. Inbox:

    • All newly-created bill drafts and bills forwarded from email are located here.

    • These bills have not yet been submitted for approval.

  2. Waiting for Approval:

    • Bills that your team submits for approval (from the Inbox) will end up here.

    • However, if no approval is required, then the bill will simply skip to the next stage.

  3. Waiting for Payment:

    • Once a bill has been approved by an authorized team member (or if the bill never required an approval to begin with), it'll end up here.

    • This is also when the bill syncs to QuickBooks.

  4. All:

    • Once a bill is Paid, it'll be found in here.

    • Along with all historical bills (both Paid & Unpaid), regardless of bill status.

Bill Filters:

You have multiple ways to filter your bills, including by:

  • Date

  • Cost Code

  • Account

  • Job

  • Vendor

  • Draw Status

  • Billable Status

    * ​Tip: You can also mix & match these filters!

  • If you want to search for something specific, such as invoice number or $ amount, use the global search magnifying glass on the left side of Adaptive

Download your Bills:

Download Options: Click the Download button for 2 options.

  • Download All: Download all files in the current status tab.

  • Download Selected: Place checkmarks next to the specific transactions that you'd like to download.

File Format Options: Then choose your preferred file format to download.

  • Transactions (XLSX): An Excel spreadsheet listing your transactions.

  • Backup (PDF): A combined PDF with images of all bills.

  • Backup (ZIP): Individual PDFs for each bill image.

If you have any questions or want to share feedback, feel free to reach out at [email protected].

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