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How to Import and Manage Cost Codes in QuickBooks Online (QBO)
How to Import and Manage Cost Codes in QuickBooks Online (QBO)
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Adaptive does not ask you to create Adaptive-specific cost codes. Instead, we reflect the cost codes & chart of accounts that already exist in QB. This makes setup seamless and ensures that you don't have to worry about any reconciliation issues between QB and Adaptive.

Side Note: Cost Codes in QBO are called Products & Services. Accounts are called Chart of Accounts.

Adding a new product or service into QuickBooks Online:

  1. Log in to QuickBooks Online:

    • Go to the QuickBooks Online website.

    • Sign in with your username and password.

  2. Access the Products and Services Section:

    • Once you're logged in, click on the "Sales" or "Sales and Customers" tab in the left navigation menu.

  3. Click on Products and Services:

    • You can search "products and Services via the eye glass search bar in the top right corner.

  4. Add a New Product or Service:

    • On the Products and Services page, you'll see a list of your existing products and services (if any). To add a new one, click the "New" button.

  5. Choose the Type of Product or Service:

    • QuickBooks Online allows you to categorize products and services into different types, such as "Inventory," "Non-inventory," "Service," and more. Select the appropriate type for your new item.

  6. Fill in the Details:

    • You will need to provide various details for the product or service, including:

      • Name: Give your product or service a descriptive name

      • Income account: Choose the income account where revenue from this item should be recorded.

      • Expense account: Assign an expense account if applicable.

      • Description: Add a brief description or details about the product or service.

    Note: QB automatically sorts cost codes numerically and then alphabetically, so if you want to have cost codes sorted in the phase that the project gets completed, we recommend using a numbering system that starts at the beginning of the cost code name. For example: 110 Building Permits, 111 Blueprints, 210 Demolition, and so forth.

    • After entering all the required information, click the "Save and close" or "Save and new" button to save your new product or service.

  7. Review and Manage Existing Products and Services:

    • You can now review and manage your list of products and services in QuickBooks Online. You can edit or deactivate items as needed. Note: You can only deactivate cost codes, you cannot delete them.

Importing a list of Products or Services into QBO:

  1. If you have a large number of products or services to add, you may consider using the import feature in QuickBooks Online. You can prepare your product or service data in a CSV file and then import it into QuickBooks .

  2. Select Products and Services.

  3. You can then import your file or download a template if you are unsure about your data.

  4. The Basic fields that are required to import are Cost Code, Income Account, Expense Account, and Type as seen below.

  5. After you upload your file into QB then map your fields from your file to QBO fields and click next to view the preview and finish the import.

  6. Below is a video on how to import a list of cost codes into QBO.

If you have any questions please email us at [email protected]

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