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Inviting Teammates & Permission Levels
Inviting Teammates & Permission Levels

Assign & customize role permissions for invited teammates

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Manage Roles / Permissions:

Go to: Settings > People > Manage Roles

  • In Manage Roles, choose from these Roles (i.e., permission levels):

    • Contributor:

      • Lowest level of access

      • Contributors can only View, Submit & Edit their own Bills & Receipts. They are only able to Approve if their approval is requested or if they are already included in an Approval Workflow.

      • For team members that are mainly going to be submitting Bills & Receipts.

    • Project Manager:

      • Project Managers have access to the entire platform, but they cannot make payments, invite teammates, configure settings, and sync receipts to accounting software

    • Bookkeeper:

      • Bookkeepers have access to the entire platform, but they cannot make payments

    • Boss:

      • Highest level of access

      • Bosses are super users that can do everything on Adaptive

  • Click on any of these roles to view specific permissions in the following categories:

    • Bills

    • Purchase Orders

    • Jobs

    • Draws

    • Expenses

    • Company Settings

    • Vendors

    • Reports

  • Create custom roles by clicking on the Create Role button:

    • Here, you can select the individual permissions for your custom role.

    • Click Save when finished.

Inviting Teammates:

Once you've established roles for your team, now it's time to start inviting team members:

  1. Go to: Settings > People > Invite People

  2. From Invite People window, choose:

    • Name

    • Email

    • Phone Number

      1. Useful for 2-Step Verification on Payments

      2. And for SMS/text message mobile phone submissions of Receipts.

    • Role

  3. Click Send Invite

If you have any questions or want to share feedback, feel free to reach out at [email protected].

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