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How to upload Receipts and Bills into Adaptive
How to upload Receipts and Bills into Adaptive

Receipts vs. Bills - what's the difference?

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In Adaptive, we have two classifications of Costs: Receipts and Bills.

You might be wondering, what's the difference?

  • 'Receipts' are things we've already paid for

  • 'Bills' are things that still need to be paid for.

This means that the 'Receipts' section of Adaptive is where you send receipts and the 'Bills' section is where you send bills (sometimes called Invoices).

Now that we have that cleared up, let's talk about the three ways you can upload documents.

There are three ways you can upload receipts and bills.

We make it easy to upload documents with three main options: email, mobile app, and drag and drop. Immediately after you send in your documents, we'll use AI to scan them and pull off information.

In addition to AI, we also have a dedicated team of humans that will review your documents. They'll typically be done reviewing every document within an hour of the time of upload.

Option 1: Email in your bills and receipts

At the top of the 'Bills' tab, you'll see an email address that is specific to your company. You can email all your documents into this email address and they'll show up in Adaptive.

By default, documents emailed in will show up in the 'Bills' tab. However, there are two exceptions to this.

First, if you have your corporate cards linked up to Adaptive and you forward in a receipt that matches one of your transactions, we'll know to place the document on the 'Receipts' tab.

Second, if you designate a vendor as 'Receipts only,' we'll place all documents from that vendor in the 'Receipts' tab. For example, many customers set Home Depot as 'Receipts only.'

If documents end up in the wrong place, you can always re-categorize them.

Option 2: Use the mobile app to submit receipts

In the mobile app, you'll see a 'Create' button in the bottom right. You can use this to snap a photo of your receipts and send them off to Adaptive. By default, the mobile app is used to submit receipts.

Option 3: Drag and drop

If you have documents saved on your computer, you can upload them in bulk by drag and dropping them directly onto the screen.

If you have any questions that our Knowledge Base resources aren't able to help you with, please reach out to us directly at [email protected]!

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