Set Up Custom Approval Rules

Set up approval flows so that bills get reviewed and signed off on by the right people, fast.

Step 1: New workflow
Select the Settings module on the left navigation bar and head into the Approval workflows page. On the top right, you'll see a 'New workflow' button to click. You can add in a descriptive title -- let's say you want to build a workflow that includes all jobs run by a specific PM on your team, you can name it accordingly.
Step 2: Configure conditions and set approvers
Step 3: Manage workflows
As your team and projects evolve, you may need to update or even delete some approval workflows. You can come back to the Settings > Approval workflows page again and will be able to Search & Filter the previously configured workflows by the associated cost code, users, customers, etc. involved.
To edit the workflow, select the pencil icon on the right hand side or duplicate the workflow to build off an existing routing.
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