How to Pay a Bill in Adaptive

Pay your Bills/Vendors from with in Adaptive via ACH or via check and mark as Paid

To pay a bill via ACH:

You will first want to click into you Bill the you are ready to pay:

1. Select your Payment Method as ACH. 

2. Fill in your vendor's email address where you want to request ACH email to go. 

3. Select the Bank Account you want to pay from. 

4. Select Request ACH and Pay in the bottom right corner.


The email your vendor will get looks like this:


We have also created this email template you can use to email your vendors to give them a heads up on who Adaptive is. CLICK HERE for the email template.


To pay a bill via Check: You can simply change the Payment Method to "Mark as Paid" and it will push to QuickBooks. You can alternatively mark it as paid in QuickBooks and it will push to Adaptive as Paid. 


If you have any questions or want to share feedback, feel free to reach out at