How to Approve, Reject, or Delete a Bill

With Adaptive, you can set up permissions so that bills need to be reviewed and approved by you before they can be paid out. Once set up,you will get an email notification for all bills that need your approval. Follow the steps below to see how to approve those bills
Step 1: View the bill
When a team member submits a bill that you're tagged as the approver for, you'll receive an email notification that looks the below example. Click the 'View and Approve' button, which will take you to the Adaptive website and open the relevant transaction
Step 2: Review details & comment if needed
Once you've been brought to the Adaptive platform and are on the relevant transaction page, review all the associated details like the vendor, the transaction amount, and date. You'll have an option to add comments under 'Activity' -- this can be a helpful place to log any additional context for future reference or to ask your teammates for clarification.
Step 3: Approve the bill
When everything looks good, you can go ahead and select 'Approve' at the bottom right. If it doesn't, you'll be able to reject the bill as well; make sure to leave some comments for your teammates so they understand why it was rejected. Once approved, this bill can be paid directly through Adaptive.
You can Delete or Archive a Bill by going to the three dots at the bottom of the Bill. 
You cannot Delete a Bill that has already been Approved/Paid but you can Archive a Bill by going to Bills > Clicking on the Bill > Click Archive on the bottom of the screen. 
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