Adaptive Reports

By navigating to our reports tab you can see 3 tabs: 
1) All Reports
2) Stared 
3) Built In reports
You can click on the built in reports and customize them to your liking then star your favorite ones so they are easy to access next time.
A few features to note about the reports:
You can Export the data as well as schedule an export/emailed report.
You can collapse the report filters on the right by clicking this button outlined below in the screenshot. 
Some of our most popular Built In reports are:
- Vendor Compliance
- Receipts by user
- All transactions paid and unpaid 
- Credit Card Transactions 
You can also build your own reports from scratch clicking the create report button. From here you can select your filters and columns you want to see. 
After you select your dataset, you can then customize the values on the right side of the table. You can also customize the Filters, name the report, and save the report so you can come back to it at anytime.  
If you need assistance with a report or want to request something custom please email