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9/27/2023 Product Release Notes

Four big product updates to budgets!

  1. Change tracking

  2. Advanced cost code mapping. Align internal cost codes to external schedule of values or divisions

  3. Budget importing (or we can do it for you) 

  4. New filters on cost plus draws / invoices 


1) Change tracking. Simple, easy-to-use change tracking. Log changes, reallocate funds across the budget, add comments, and export a summary for your clients. Watch the video below to learn more 



2) Advanced cost code mapping. If you draw / invoice under external codes or divisions that are different from your internal cost codes, you'll love this feature. You could also use this feature to just create summary views on your invoices. Watch the video below to learn more 



3) Budget imports. You can import a budget into Adaptive using our recently released import functionality. Watch the video to see the steps. Alternatively, we can do this for you. Just reach out to support@adaptive.build and attach your budget spreadsheets!



4) New filters on cost plus draws / invoices. You can now filter on transaction status (waiting for payment, paid, etc.) as well as payment account. Watch the video below to see more